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Taking a "me" date

Do you have something you want to do, but no one wants to do it with you? We all have those moments and think, "Well I guess I won't do it then. Right?" Wrong. You should never be afraid to do something alone. Turn a negative into a positive by having a "me" date. Not sure how to do it? Here's my story and tips on having a date with yourself.

A few weeks ago I was out of town with the boyfriend and he had some meetings to attend without me. I found out the city had a super mega huge mall that had every single store I have been wanting to go to but I didn't have them local to me. So I could do 1 of 2 things. I could check out of the hotel and go with the boyfriend to his meetings and sit and be bored for hours OR I could check my sassy self out of the hotel and head on over the that fab mall. Which option did I choose? The mall obviously! What would you pick?

The mall was pretty quiet as it was the middle of the week. First plan of action: Find the map. As I went on looking for the map I passed a few of the stores I had been wanting to visit, so I stopped in. I had no schedule to follow. It was just me and the mall. Because the mall was slow, employees had more time to spend with me. I stopped into Teavana first to get some tea. I had a wonderful chat with the lady at the counter. She was able to explain everything I needed to know because I asked. I spent a good half hour with her and left a very happy customer. Tip: Go to stores/places you really have interest in. This makes it more comfortable to talk to people.

Next I sat down and enjoyed my tea. Once I finished my tea I browsed a few stores. I took my time which nice because there was no one to bug me about wanting to go somewhere else.  I then laid my eyes on Lush. One of my favorite places to venture into. Because I had time, and always wanted to sample more of their products, I was able to sit down and have a skin care demo. This was amazing. I got my hands all scrubbed and massaged. I tried lotions and powders galore. Had I been with someone else, I probably wouldn't have stopped for all of that. Tip: Sit in an open area and people watch. This makes for an interesting activity and can help make you feel more comfortable.

After Lush, I got hungry. It was lunch time at this point. This is where it gets nerve racking. Dining alone. There were so many great restaurant options in this mall that I couldn't pass one up for a quick McDonalds lunch or Taco Bell. I wanted to sit down and enjoy a nice adult lunch. And so I did. The waitress was very friendly and even made sure to check in on me often in case I was in need of anything. She thought it was so cool I was dining alone. She brought me a free dessert. It was really sweet of her. I never felt weird. It was a pleasant experience. Tip: Bring a book to read. When you are waiting for your food to come, this will come in handy to help pass the time.

After lunch I got word that the boyfriend would be along to pick me up within an hour. That was perfect because in front of my was Sephora. I could spend hours in there if someone let me. Today I really did have an hour I COULD spend in there because I wanted to. I went in like a kid in a candy store and I played. Seriously, I tested all kinds of products. No one was pestering me to move on to the next store. It was an interactive experience if you will. Tip: Go to places that you can interact somehow. It really makes the alone thing seem minor. If something is occupying you, who cares!

The boyfriend picked me up, but not before taking me to the Cheesecake Factory for some yummy cheesecake slices to take home. All in all I had a great experience on my "me date". I visited places I wanted to see and got things I wanted to buy. I never felt rushed or out of place. I have come to enjoy these days. You get so much done and get to do the things you want to do without someone slowing you down.

Have you ever taken a "me date"? How was it? Share below!

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Welcome Trish while I am away!

Hey guys! I am currently away and having a blast up in Maine with my love so, Trish over at Beyond the Khaki Pant was ever so kind to stand in. You can't get one Trish, you get another! I am so excited to have her here today! One of my favorite topics is doing things on a budget and Trish sure delivers some great tips today! Enjoy and see you back here on FRIDAY!


Title: Date Night Ideas on a Budget|| Trish @ Beyond the Khaki Pants

Hi Trish List readers, my name is Trish. I blog over at Beyond the Khaki Pants. I know, kind of a funny name. [Check out my blog to find the inspiration behind the name.] Doing things on budget is something that I am passionate about. A big inspiration behind my blog is financial freedom and independence. I am so happy to be filling in for Trish talking about ideas to keep the magic alive...and the savings account! 

Just because you’re married or been together with your spouse for a while, doesn't mean that you can’t still date. Unfortunately, life doesn't always allow for fancy or luxurious dates. I know this. Both my husband and myself have been through graduate school. Those years were especially tough on budget. Even though we were getting by on very little income, we were newly weds and beyond excited and in love. Rather than sitting at home doing nothing, we started to get creative on how we would now date. Gone were the dinners out. Gone were going to concerts and sports events. Even going to the movies was too expensive. Which really isn’t saying a whole lot- movies are stupidly expensive now. An added bonus?? Even though now we are both working (ie, we’re DINKs) we still try to date this way. Hello, savings!

Here are some ideas that we have tried over the years. Many of them are free. The others are minimally expensive ($15 or less). All of them are as fun as you make them to be! 

9 Date Night Ideas on a Budget

Date Night Ideas on a Budget -
//Have a ‘Goals Night’. I know this might not be the most romantic date, but it can be fun and inspiring. Take out something to write on (a notebook, a poster board…whatever) and sit down with your spouse. Brainstorm and then write down your goals, as a couple and an individual. Include personal, relationship and professional goals if you wish. It’s great to do this over a good bottle of wine and dessert. The best part of doing this regularly is that it’s fun to think about things you’ve accomplished and inspiring to think of what’s to come!

//Picnic at a local park. Avoid the high-cost of eating out, pack your own meal and head to the best park in your area. Leave the technology at home (or at least in your bag) and connect with your spouse. Without interruptions. Especially in these last weeks of summer, getting outside to picnic is an easy solution to date night. 

//Find free events in your city. In Seattle, there are nights where the city puts on a free concert or movie showing. Take advantage of these free events. There are more free events happening in your city than you think. Check out your city's website and search for free events.

//Game night in. Channel your inner child and pull out your favorite board game. My husband and I usually try to do game nights as a group date-night, because most games are more entertaining with four people rather than just two. Throw in some good food or a bottle of wine, even better!

//Groupon a couples event. There are such fun ideas on Groupon for date nights. Everything from cooking classes, to pie making classes, and couples massages. Be on the eye for something in your area. These can vary in price, but if this is your only date of the month that costs money, it might be worth it to splurge $40 for the two of you. Groupon rates highly depend on where you live and the cost of living of your city. These events are likely something you otherwise would not have thought to try.

//Make [a new] dinner together. With this pinterest day-and-age, there’s no excuse for not being able to find something new to try. Pin something that looks interesting, go to the store and get the necessary ingredients, make the dish together. Pretty simple. And fun. And when the dish goes south because it’s the first time you tried making it, you can laugh and choke it up to being a funny memory together. Like the time I tried to broil something for the first time… 

//Try a sport together. Easy sports for date night could include a tennis match at the neighborhood park or going to the local golfing range to hit a bucket of balls. Whether you have the equipment or not, renting shouldn’t be too expensive. Usually the more terrible you are at the sport, the more funny it becomes. Like if you saw me with a golf club…

//Start a project together. Carpe diem on that “to do” list. Sometimes, the things we have to do are not that hard, but starting them is. Pick something fun. (ie…don’t pick weeding) Been meaning to refinish that coffee table? Make a date out of it. Added bonus, crossing that project off the ‘todo’ and getting something beautiful out of it. 

What are inexpensive dates you and your significant other like to do?? What would you add to the list?

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One last thing before I go.. Over the past 4 days I have been co-hosting the Blog Staycation 2014 with some great ladies. I am out of town and did not get a chance to write up my experience yet with the weekend but I want to give you all a chance to link up if you participated. Let us all see what you accomplished!  Expect my post on Wednesday ;)