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Year in Review- Part 3

Hey there lovlies! Welcome back to another round of my year in review. I have already went over January, February, and March in week 1. Last week I recapped April, May, and June.  (Click on the group of months to recap if you missed any!) This week I am bring you my 3rd quarter. The busy months as I like to call them! Summer! Sit back and enjoy!


*7/2 Had an internal interview at work in which I ended up getting the promotion!

*7/4 Fourth of July! My boyfriends brother puts on a show every year and we get front row seats.. From a boat on the lake :)

*7/12 I went to my nephews dinosaur themed 2nd birthday party!

*7/23 I decided to take a vacation in my own city and gave tips on how to do it in yours!


*8/12 Today was my mom's birthday and I stayed in a BRAND new hotel! I wrote about it in September but I will post it here with the picture: Brand New Holiday Inn!

*8/13 I had a date with myself in a large mall. It was fabulous! Check out how you can do the same!

*8/24-8/26 I visited Maine for vacation! We visited Portland, Lubec, Campobello Island (In Canada) and Bar Harbor It was so beautiful!

*8/21- 8/25 I co-hosted the first annual Blog-Staycation! We had a blast and got so much done for our blogs. Stay tuned for another staycation soon!


*9/1 I launched a new series called Defining Lifestyle, It was 7 weeks of bloggers talking about how they define lifestyle!

*9/7 Went to my nephew's Mickey themed 1st birthday party!

*9/5 I officially became dot-commed!  No ore blogspot in the url :)

*9/20 Went apple picking! My favorite time of the year!

 *9/27 Headed home for my goddaughter's birthday and stopped at one of my favorite views!

*9/27 A cake fit for a princess! Such a wonderful 5th birthday cake!

Well there you have it! the 3rd quarter of my year! I had a busy summer and I am blessed to have had so many great experiences!

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Year in Review Part 2

Its time for the second quarter of my year in review! Today I am talking about April, May, and June. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy recapping just as much as I do! If you missed last weeks you can find that here----> Year in Review- Part 1.


*Went to a Real Simple event in a penthouse in NYC!


*Visited my best friend from kindergarden after not seeing her for over 10 years!
5/1/14- My new blog went live!
I started a fitness series! Check it out here: Fit-Trish


*Father's Day! My dad visited and we went to the falls in my area! So much fun!
I went camping for the first time! Check it out here: Camping!

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Year In Review - Part 1

I stumbled upon Shane's link-up over on Whispering Sweet Nothings and I thought it was a wonderful idea! The link up is basically a year in review, 3 months at a time, or quarterly if you will. I have been thinking about doing something similar anyways on my own, so why not join in the fun and link up!


I was not blogging yet so I do not have any favorite posts to share but I can share how my month went.

Started off the new year feeling shiny and bright! Went from birthday mode to new years mode!

I was kitty sitting this little lady all month while her mom was on a work trip!

Everything else I remember from this month was COLD! We had the polar vortex this year so I remember staying indoors as much as possible. Thank goodness for the kitty to keep me warm!


 2/7 I hosted a girls night with sangria and baked goodies. We of course had to paint our nails and do each others hair!

2/14 Received these beautiful roses from my love for Valentine's Day!

2/23 I visited Paris! (In ice that is.. ) AND did my very first review blog post! The beginning of my blogging journey! Check out my first post ever HERE!


3/4 Mardi Gras happened! We always have a King cake at work and the person who gets the baby has to make the next cake. I got the baby one week so I made this variation of the king cake!
3/16 I was prepping to go on a 3 day weekend getaway so I posted a review on a new ladies razor I had been using. Check it out here: Spring is in the air..  

3/22 I went away with my other half for a long weekend to Baltimore, MD! We had beautiful weather and loved the hotel we stayed in. I was so impressed I wrote a review on it here :)

Well there you have it! The first quarter of my year! Now go check out the rest of my year!