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What would Shakespeare do?

It is Monday again. I feel like I just came off a weekend course for blogging. I took all that I did this weekend and realized how important it was for the writing if my blog. Noticing all the little things around me and the events I attended helped create a vision to where I am going with my writing. Here's a little recap to what inspired and educated me...

Friday night was the first night I had completely free in what seems like months. I reflected a lot on "me" time which ultimately turned into "blog" time. When I started this blog it was only planned to be an escape. A place for my voice. It didn't matter if anyone was listening. I just wanted to write. I have never been a great writer. I had started journal after journal with no real direction. I would open a journal and notice my last entry was a year prior. Awesome. I had no memories jotted down to relive. I had no ambition to write.

Friday night I re-read all of my previous posts. (There are 48 by the way). It amazed me that I have dedicated myself to this blog. I have started to freeze memories in time, where not only myself, but you as my reader can see. This makes me proud. I have succeed in breaking down a wall and letting my voice be heard. I also noticed my writing getting better. It has more direction. This little realization makes me feel so many emotions. Happy. Excited. Hopeful. All positive thoughts.

I never thought I had anything good to write about. I attended my nephew's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. A day trip back home to spend with loved ones. This reminded me that as long as I get out and experience life, I will have something to write about. It inspired me to keep on pushing towards getting better. Keep challenging myself. The words will follow.

I spent a good portion of Sunday reading blog after blog. Educating myself on what works and what doesn't. I was exhausted and honestly blogged out. Everyone has a way, or a tip on what you should or shouldn't be doing. I took a break from reading to go to an outdoor play of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost. Watching this comedy written by a man hundreds of years ago make me think. He had a grip on writing epic plays long before we had tips on how to write a great blog.

So what would Shakespeare do? I think he would write his little heart out without tips and see where he goes. That's what I concluded with this weekend's lesson. Do what feels right for me and just keep writing. I will keep living life so I can write a out it. Bring more to my to my tiny corner of the internet. Now if you got through all of this and are still with me, thank you.

Happy Monday!