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To run or not to run.. That is the question..

Sore muscles. Stiff neck. What in the world did I do to myself? Oh that's right. I decided to start running. If you vaguely remember me mentioning running in the past, it's probably because I didn't. I don't run. I have tried. And failed. MANY times.

I have been practicing yoga again for 8 weeks straight. Ninth if you count Sunday. When I got on the treadmill on Friday morning I thought, why not? I feel stronger than I have in a long time and I've really learned to breathe, which was always one of my issues when running.

I warmed up for 4 minutes before I took the 1 minute plunge. I guess you can call it jogging more than running, but it was more than walking folks. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

To my amazement I didn't huff and puff the whole time. I didn't feel like collapsing in a pile of mush. I made it through the first minute and dialed it back to a brisk paced walk. I alternated between a brist walk, incline, and jog for 20 minutes.

It was a huge accomplishment for me. I felt great. And then I didn't. Saturday morning came and I was really stiff and sore. It didn't slow me down, but reminded me of what I did.

I took the rest of the weekend easy, minus my yoga and I recovered. Last night I tried again. I am still sore this morning but not as bad. I do have one question to those of you who do run regularly: Any advice on helping out the shins? They seem to be the only part of my body that struggles through my running intervals.

I'm gonna keep at this. It's gotta get better right?

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