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Tales of being a (kitty) Mom

When your child is sick, the days seem to take a toll on you. Grace (yes my kitty is my kid) had a seroma form around her spay incision that doubled in size between Thursday and Friday. I got super nervous that something was wrong that I asked a vet tech from work for some advice.

One of the fabulous shelter vets was able to see Grace on Saturday morning. She wasn't in any immediate pain or distress but I felt better having it looked at. She was calm the whole way and even came out of her carrier on her own.

Let's just say the second someone touched her belly she was not a happy camper. She became very agitated and her natural survival skills kicked into overdrive. Very upset girl.

The doctor decided to do an ultrasound to rule out a hernia. She was not a fan of that at all. The next step was to decide what to do. It was very unclear if she was herniating so the next step was to aspirate the lump. I stepped out of the room for that part.

Good news was the lump was full of fluid. Bad news is she would need to restrict her activity and stay away from the wound. Enter kitty sweater. Grace rocked a purple camo sweater to keep her away from her incision.

She got home and slept for hours before getting up a bit to eat and play. She seemed to be doing okay. Enter Sunday morning and Grace refused to get out of bed or eat. She stayed up in my bed until close to noon before making it down to the litter box.

It was slow moving from there. She didn't want to eat or drink. I was stressed.  I talked to the vet and they said it was pretty normal but to keep an eye on her. By late afternoon she seemed more like herself but was still moving slow. I fed her some of her favorite treats and left it at that.

She "killed" her bird
I am happy to report that this morning she is back to her old crazy self. Lots of purrs and snuggles in between hunting her toy bird. She's a real treat.

How was your weekend?

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