Zen Between the Chaos is LIVE!

It is a glorious day! It has been in the making for more time than I can even imagine at this point, but my new professional website is now live! 

If you have dabbled in my writing over the years, you probably have come to know that I really love making people's lives better in any way I can. I had to take some time to really work on myself more to be able to really help others of course, but I am finally there folks. 

Zen Between the Chaos is now live and ready for your critique (and hopefully maybe your business?). One thing I am not is an expert website builder. I can do it, but man did I want to pull my hair out in the process. Oh and when it officially went live, the mobile version was a HOT MESS. 

I put a ton of my time into this website and I know it still needs love, but for now, it has what it needs to introduce you to what I have to offer. 

If you are a woman (I am not necessarily not specifically working with men, but right now it seems like more women gravitate towards my work than men...) I would love to help you find joy in life again. 

When thinking about who my target market was, I realized she was a lot like me. She is ambitious, hardworking, raising kids, and feeling a little less like herself each day as she tried to do it all and be superhuman to everyone. She woke up one day and thought, "Omg, where did I go? I don't even recognize myself anymore". She was having a lot of success in her life but it wasn't lighting her up anymore. Her soul wasn't being fed like it should. 

So back to me.. The pandemic brought me closer to that breaking point and I finally started the work myself. I started a spiritual life coaching program that really took me deep into my own stuff to help prepare me to work with others. When I completed my program, I was finally ready to combine my yoga studies with my coaching studies, and the Zen Between the Chaos was born.

I will be offering life coaching with a twist.. I incorporate meditation, reiki, inquiry, and yoga into all of my sessions. We track events that happen in your everyday life and use the events to move forward in goals and dreams.

I will also be offering individual yoga sessions. My specialty is focusing on restorative and chair yoga modalities. I enjoy working with those who have bad knees and limited mobility. 

All of my sessions: coaching and yoga will be offered remotely. I will be able to serve anyone who can connect on Zoom or a phone call. 

I am really excited about this work and can't wait to share it with the world. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me - hello@zenbetweenthechaos.com.

I will be headed out for my very first vacation since before Baby Bloob was born. We are headed out this weekend to the beach. It just also happens to be his 4th birthday this weekend. How is that even possible?

So my point with telling you that is, I might have some fun stories to tell when I get back and will most definitely have some fun Instagram stories to share if you want to follow along

I really truly appreciate all of you who have been reading this blog for years and those who are new and are giving me a whirl. I will be here more often blogging and I hope it brings you some joy. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends, I will see you back here next week (Maybe.. vacation and all..). I will update you all on the trip and look forward to connecting soon! MUAH!!


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