The reason I'm jumping for joy today!

Hey there, great world of the internet! I have kind of been hiding out lately. There really is a good reason, I swear....

I am working on a new website! *Squeee!*

Yep you saw that correctly. I have been putting my heart an soul into ideas for a new website. I also took the plunge and decided to launch it on Wordpress, which in itself has been an adventure and a hot mess all wrapped into one.

I am planning to launch the new site officially in August. Now here's the catch. I am planning to maintain 2 websites moving forward. This swell love child here as well as the new, fancier one.

This space here will continue to  be a lifestyle blog. You can catch all of my random life updates, Stitch Fix posts, and wellness ramblings here. I will leave this blog as it has been. Unscripted and fun (at least I hope you find it fun!).

My new space is going to be a little more professional (not stuff though..I promise!). I am working on turning it into more of a business page, but still a blog.

You can expect to find things to help the entrepreneur as well as topics on yoga, essential oils, and any other woo woo stuff I dive into and want to share.

You probably wonder what the woo woo thing represents.. Well it represents my belief that the universe and guides help us through life. So I may talk about manifestation, smudging, reiki, and even more advance yoga topics.

This whole description has changed so much since I started writing this post last week. So many new ideas manifested over the weekend of what I want this page to look like.

Remember that link up I mentioned on Friday? Well you can most likely find it as a resident of the new page.

It will be interesting, that's for sure.

Can't wait to launch it. Hopefully next week. Fingers crossed!

One more exciting thing- TODAY ONLY (July 31, 2017).. If you were on the fence about essential oils and wanted to take the plunge, I am offering some free gifts for a 100PV order (This is roughly $100). Any order placed today will receive 30PV as a gift as well as a free diffuser! Comment below or email me if interested!

Have a great Monday.. Namaste.

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