Friday Five

It's Friday! Heck yeah! I have had an interesting week, and thought this would be a good time to get back to posting 5 things every Friday. I always loved reading those posts, so here I am jumping back into it!

1. Weirdest thing I did this week: Guys, I showered with my orange. Say what?! So last week I came across this article about people who are taking their oranges into the shower with them and peeling and eating it. There is a whole Reddit thread on this, no lie. People say it's life changing. I gotta say, I was intrigued.

Now that I am working from home, I get to do things like shower in the middle of the day. I needed a pick me up, so I hopped in with my citrus.

 It was strange, but strangely liberating. I got to enjoy a juicy pieces of fruit, while inhaling the sweet citrus scent. It definitely woke me up and brought me back to focus. The fruit itself was kind of warm, as I normally take hot showers. Somehow this didn't bother me.

So I can say I gave it an honest try and can mark it off my list of weird things to try. I can't say I'd do it regularly, but I didn't hate it.

2. Coffee meetings: Me and my group from my yoga teaching class have a project we need to complete before we can graduate. We met up at a local coffee shop for a cup o' joe and some good conversation. It was great. I haven't been out much, and the coffee was much needed.

3. Lot's of great yoga: Now that I have gotten rid of the plague, I am feeling much better and yoga is on my radar. I took 2 really great classes this week that really brought me back to center. I feel much lighter and my focus and mind feels much clearer.

Also you got to see a lot of my feet in this post. I don't find that coincidental as I have been working with grounding and coming back to center this week. Grounding comes from the feet. When you go into a place of anxiety or feel out of control, focus on your feet. It brings you back.

Also my foot tattoo means "dream". Whenever I an looking down, I remember my goals and that I need to stay grounded. It's a great reminder.

4. Hot baths: I can't remember the last time I took a bath in my own home. I cleaned the living crap out of my tub over the weekend. I think its now cleaner than it was when we moved in. I have now taken 2 relaxing Epsom salt baths. They were both just what I needed. Just me, a good book, and some detoxing.

Also I have a band aid on my toe because I broke it on a chair this week. Yay me! No downward dog or lunges for me this week.

5. Over active thoughts: I have had some pretty amazing ideas come to mind this week. I have pages and pages of ideas for this blog, for my yoga journey, for my career, and my personal wellbeing.

It's like I have woken up out of a fog and all the good stuff is coming full speed ahead. I am a little upset that I am having trouble sleeping due to all these exciting thought, but we can sleep when we're dead right?

Rick doesn't agree. Lol.

How was your week?

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