Yoga Teacher Training: Vol. 2

It has taken me 5 weeks and another yoga weekend to really put into perspective how my training is going. How it has already touched me so deeply.

They say training to teach yoga will chage you, and before starting the classes your mind probably wanders as to what that actually means. How will you change? At least these were the questions I asked.

I walked into a studio with a room full of (mostly) strangers and walked out after 3 days feeling like they were my family. They understood me.

I am in the process of tremendous growth within my own soul. I'm working through things I never thought possible. This practice isn't only physical, but mental and spiritual.

We spend more time talking about yoga then we do in physical practice. The practice we get is amazing. We get to flow and learn. My body is so alive.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and though it's been tough balancing a new job, personal distractions, and keeping up with my practice and studies, I'm grateful for it all. It's challenging me to be my best self. It's showing me the world is mine if I want it.

I am going to come out of this certification ready to share my knowledge with you all. I will be able to support anyone who needs me, because I am supporting myself. It's a wonderful feeling.

I have some specific topics I want to discuss in the next few weeks leading up to my next training weekend. They will be more specific then this overall thought I have had through this.

I can't wait to share.

Namaste  <3

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