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So here I am, 11 days out from my wedding, 2 days past from my Bachelorette Party and I am starting to feel the burn. All of those little tiny details you don't think about a few months out have started to creep out of the woodwork.

Reality has hit. I get married NEXT WEEK. How did that even happen? How did the time sneak up like this? And my most confused question, how the heck did Summer fly by like that?!

Rocking the "Bride" hoodie!

I have officially picked up my dress. It is even more beautiful than I remember. It fits perfect and all of my accessories are on point. I am ready to rock the shit out of that outfit. It is true, I am not a fashion blogger, but I certainly have style. I have always been told that. Maybe you can all let me know when I post those photos in a few weeks..

I spoke to the bakery yesterday about the cake. It sounds lovely. The photographer is all set. We are finalizing our wedding playlist for our DJ. All good there.

Now one thing I decided to do just 3 weeks ago is change the venue of the ceremony part of the wedding. I know it was a really tricky thing to do that close to the wedding, but I just had this feeling it needed a change. I got all panic-y about it and we made the choice to move it. We are now going to be married at a private lake house on the beach. I am over the moon excited.

Everything is shaping up. I am on a strict diet until the day. I need to slim down just a tad and clear up my face. I have sugar and wheat allergic reactions so with all the stress eating I have done over the past few weeks has my skin looking a disaster. Green smoothies for me!

That is about everything I have to report right now. I will be doing more in depth blog posts after the wedding. This includes my shower, bachelorette party, and everything in between.

What do you all think? Am I on track for this wedding?

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