Because everyone wants to move in high school

Remember how I said April was going to be a little bit of a hot mess around here on the blog? Well I wasn't lying. My post schedule is really off and I have multiple topics I want to squeeze in. Yesterday was a fitness post on running. Yep, you heard that right. I decided to take up running. And hey, I'm still alive to talk about it.

Today I want to talk about travel aND moving a bit. If we don't know eachother well then you probably don't know that I grew up in the military.  I moved just about every 3 years and that really screwed up things like family get togetters and high school. Because every kid wants to be the new kid in high school right?

I HATED it. But then something happened. I grew up. I loved to visit new places and learn about the history of our country. I appreciated all of the moves I made as a child. I packed myself up at age 21 after graduating college and headed out to Las Angeles. That was an experience in its own.

I ended back in Pennsylvania where I'm from, but I had the experience. I got the itch again when I was 28. I needed a change. This time I only went to upstate NY but hey its something. It's again taught me valuable lessons and has grown me as a person.

Today I feel the itch to make another move. It's not in the card quite yet, but could be in the next year. So rather than picking up everything, I travel for vacation. Next up Denver. A city I've never been to and an opportunity to visit some hot springs. It's a city full of beauty and lots of things to do.

Denver was the answer to my prayers because a deal I couldn't pass up came up and I'm was able to make this flight for only $145 round trip with taxes included. Sometimes it all works out. The universe answers our prayers.

How do you feel about travel and moving? What was your biggest move?

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