Friday Moments

You know that morning where you're quickly running out of time and your computer decides to do every update humanly possible to slow you down? Yeah that's this morning. I am going to truck through it though and give you the top five moments/things of my week. I feel like it was a pretty fulfilling week and I am excited to share with you.

R's (AKA my old job) Christmas Party

I left my job in November, but not before putting the finishing touches on the Christmas party. You see I was on the activities committee at work, so I got to do fun stuff like that. It was a lot of fun to visit with my old co-workers on Saturday and see the vision we had come to life. It was a good night.

Finished a book... Finally!

I finally finished Landry Park. In case you didn't already know. I am a YA fanatic. I have been severely lacking in reading this year, so 1 full book read is a pretty big accomplishment to me. I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the second/final book, Jubilee Manor.

My Wednesday Night..

I attended/worked a fun little party! Let's just say it was pretty amazing because puppies and kittens :)

Planning for 2016

I ordered a Spark Planner from a Kickstarter a few weeks ago. It is going to be such a great tool for 2016. It is going to help me get back on track and remember to dream. I am also starting to look into travel in the new year. It used to be such a passion and I have lost that lately. I have some really awesome ideas and I can't wait to share them all with you!

Festive Gatherings

I have had many gatherings this week and I am ending my work week with another one. Meeting up with some old coworkers this evening for some cocktails and appetizers. Really looking forward to it! I will go into the weekend ready to get our tree and finish decorating before going to another party. I am really loving this month so far!

Happy Friday!

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