About Trish

I never thought I would be a blogger. I was quiet, shy, and sort of a wallflower. But here I am! The Trish List is a lifestyle blog based in the Finger Lakes of New York. I get asked often for that reason if I like wine. Uhhhmmmm Duh?! 

My name is Trish and you have stumbled upon my blog which I fondly refer to as the zen between the chaos. The Zen Between the Chaos is my professional life coaching and virtual assistant business. I offer life coaching to women who are looking to reconnect with themselves and find joy again.. you know, the zen.. between the chaos. 😁

I have consistently struggled with a focus for this space. I love showing up and sharing stories with each of you, but I never really thought about what the purpose of this space is. Recently, after one hot mess after another, I realized something... 

The zen between the chaos is my life. I am just a girl trying to navigate life as a mom while trying not to lose herself in the process. This is why I started my business to help other women. We have to stick together, right? 

Every day I feel like I am going through a metamorphosis, discovering a new layer of myself as I grow my wings and take flight into the next adventure. 

You can expect life posts that may or may not be a little nuts at times, mindfulness practices, wellness topics that include yoga and being healthy in your body, self-development coaching advice, and probably some random fashion and cat posts. You get the full spectrum here!

I started this blog back in 2014 when I was a single 30-year-old living off of anything I could get for free. It was either that or not eating for a week. I applied for every freebie, sample, coupon, party package, etc. out there. This is how the blog was born. I was posting reviews of all of my free stuff once a week on another page that no longer exists. I decided early on while blogging that I wanted to write about more than just products I got free in the mail.

Today I am 39, have been married for 5 years, have 2 fur babies (Grace and Drew. We miss Rick every day), and have an active toddler who will be known here as Baby Bloob. Oh, and he was born 5 weeks early at a cool 6lbs 2oz. My giant preemie. I am the complete lifestyle package, don't ya think?

My Dreams

One of the topics I am writing a lot about lately is my lifelong dreams. When I was in my early 20's I had a kanji symbol for 'dream' tattooed on my right foot. I thought long and hard about this before putting something so permanent there. 

Today it reminds me that I had big dreams and somehow along the way I got off track. That's the best thing about life. You can get back on track anytime you choose. It took me a few years of being broke, alone, and just plain miserable to realize all I had to do was make different choices.

A lot of those dreams include travel and self-discovery. I am always growing and evolving myself. This is something I want to pass on to my son. I want him to see the world we live in, with an unbiased eye. I want him to discover it for himself and not for what others tell him it should be like.

Honest and Raw

You may wonder what to expect here on this page, and honestly, I wonder too. I will tell you whatever it is, it is something I believe in. You will see the good, the bad, and maybe the ugly at times. I enjoy having a pretty space to look at, but I also know I can't offer pretty styled photos of myself every day.

So.. Welcome!

If you're still here I applaud you. I can't wait to share this journey with all of you. Whether it be life stories, fashion-type posts, or some kind of weird yoga pose, I will be here for your reading pleasure! 

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