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Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with The Trish List. I would love to work with you to create inspiring content for my readers. This Trish List is a lifestyle blog based out of the Finger Lake Region of Central New York. Topics we love around here are subjects based on wellness, self care, fashion and body image, and some postpartum posts featuring some parenting topics. Basically anything to make just a little bit easier in this fast moving world we live in.


  • Sponsored/Guest Posts
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  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Product Reviews


I dabble in a little of everything, but what I have learned over the years is I am a natural story teller. I love to live in the moment and write about it. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and wanted to work in entertainment public relations. I found myself working right out of college for a company in Los Angeles called Fanscape. Since then I have worked in various fields of marketing (sales, event planning, social media, and digital marketing) and have found in all of this that my is passion writing.

Today I am married to my best friend and we just welcomed our first child together in April 2018. Along side of my full time job I am also a certified yoga teacher and write this blog. Free time is spent with my family, playing with my cats, and photographing everything around me that I find beauty in. 


I am a story teller at heart and I love to experience life. Being raised in a military family I was always being introduced to new things to experience and try. Taking those roots into adulthood, I have this passion to explore, learn, and give the best directions you have ever heard!

I will take your product or service and input it into my own life experiences so it relates to your campaign or project. 

If you find The Trish List is the partner you need, please send me an email for my availability and rates:

I look forward to discussing  your ideas and projects!

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