Welcome Stephanie!

As you all know I am out of  town for a few days and have some awesome ladies filling in for me! Today I want to welcome Stephanie from The Life of a Mother and Teacher. She is discussing why she blogs today! Enjoy!

Why do I blog? It is something many people ask me when they find out I do. It is not a question I ever really know how to answer.

I wanted to connect with people I wanted to share what I knew and learn from others. I started to bug my work to set up a website a few years back and when they finally did I found that they yes were advertising what we had to offer but nothing more. I wanted to see a site put out there that had useful information and was interesting to visit.

I finally decided not to wait for someone else to do it but do it myself. I had something to share with the world, even if no one wanted to listen. I started first with a plan of what I wanted to put out there to the world. This is when I realized how many different areas I had of interest to share.

First I had my many years of service with working with children and all that I had learned through work. I also had a joy of cooking that I wanted to share. I do not have a child of my own my the issues and joys of having a step son has also taught me so much and I thought other moms and or step moms like myself could connect about. Then of course there was my very large fur and feather family. This when I realized this blog would not just be about one thing other then… ME. Everything I went through and everything I wanted to share.

I have only been doing this site for a short time but I have really enjoyed it. Though this experience I have learnt from other fellow bloggers and connected with people half way across the world that have been there to chat when I needed an ear. Today the community that is blogging is just that, a community. It is so much more than just ideas on paper but more so thoughts and feelings, connecting and share. It is a community I love being in.

If you wish to find me my site is http://receandmom.blogspot.ca/

Pinterest: StephanieRECE

Twitter and Instgram: @receandmom

Hope to connect with all of you in the near future.

Thank you again Trish for sharing my blog with your readers.

I hope you all enjoyed that! I want to thank Stephanie again for stepping in and blogging for me while I am away! See you all soon!

Xo Trish
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