My Trip Home

I jumped in my car Saturday morning with excitement. I was making the 2.5 hour drive home. I loaded up the car with the Mother's Day flowers as my co-pilot and hit the road. The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. Spring finally sprung. For real this time. The drive was beautiful. All of the flowers and trees were finally in spring bloom.

I reached my destination and was greeted at the door by the family pup and a few kitties. My parents have 5 cats, one being special because he is mine. I am always thrilled at how happy and excited they are to see me. I was home. A a place that always feels safe to me now matter how much things change around me. I waited patiently for my mother to get home. I was so proud of the flowers I had brought for her. They were gorgeous and their smell was sweet. I knew she was going to love them.

She came in the door and instantly her eyes went to the flowers. She had a big smile on her face. She loved them. I knew she would. This warmed my heart. I was so happy to see the twinkle of happiness in her eyes. This made everything feel okay in the world. We sat and talked over a cup of tea. We didn't have to be anything but mother and daughter. It felt nice. We talked about our lives and what we were looking forward to. We talked about the things that were bothering us. It was perfect.

All of my stresses seemed to melt away. There was comfort there. Sitting in the kitchen with my mom sipping our tea. It was home. It was where I knew I would always be welcome. I looked around and saw the dog laying at my feet content and the cats were all spread out randomly around the kitchen floor. They all made this place a home. A place I missed when I wasn't there, but a place I know I have to leave at the end of the weekend to go back to my home. I felt okay again. All of my troubles seemed to have melted.

I am so glad I got this opportunity to spend time with my mom and my family. It always hard to leave at the end of the weekend, but knowing my mom was so happy she got to spend Mother's Day with me made it easier knowing I had to go home. Until next time.

My trip home made it all okay. 

How often do you all get home to visit? Do you live local or do you have to travel?

Xo Trish
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